The idea behind Take the Time Design came from a box of letters that my father wrote to his brother while in boot camp and while stationed in the Philippines during WWII.

I was given these letters after my father had passed away. From these letters I found a man, who when 23-25, was an amazing man I had never known. He was funny, profound and sometimes a bit saucy. His story was a slice of a life that I am so glad I had access to. I found pictures and little notes and realized that by preserving these artifacts, my sons would now have access to this wonderful “his-story” of their grandfather.

So, I took the letters and photos and made a book. Then I started taking all the photos, slides and newspaper articles I had and scanned them so that come what may, we would have digital copies for generations to come.

My wish is that we can all keep our own amazing his and her stories alive through archiving correctly, digitizing as a backup and creating memory books that will always bridge the world before with the world to come.

Every life is amazing, every story unique and memories should be shared. Take the Time Design is here to help you on your journey.


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